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Confidence-building and singing for fun

Singing can help you relax, relieve stress and engage your brain in new ways. It's fun and takes you out of your comfort a good way! 


Whether you're looking to try something new, preparing to sing a song at your partner's birthday party or performing at your best friend's wedding, you can build your confidence in just a few singing lessons. 

Stefan also works with groups of friends and families who want to come together to sing a few songs together while learning about their voices and each other.


Singing lessons also make a perfect Christmas present or birthday gift! 

             I am atypical as I started singing at 77, but Stefan ignored this and has helped me to achieve an immense improvement. He is encouraging, very clear in explaining how to control the voice, and effective at motivation. I am very happy with the ongoing changes in my more controlled, fuller and deeper singing voice. My family not only like the new sound, but in order to produce it I have had to change my posture and am no longer stooping, am two inches taller and far fitter. I only wish I had started with him many years ago.

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