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Taking Estill Voice Training to Portugal

Stefan Holmström, opera singer and Estill Master Trainer, and Francisco Brazão, singer and singing teacher, are excited to announce that they will collaborate to bring two practical, inspirational introductory Estill Voice Training workshops to the Algarve in Portugal this autumn.


What is Estill Voice Training?

Estill Voice Training is a scientific approach to vocal development that offers effective solutions to help you beat strain, access your full range, voice safely in any voice quality (including opera and belt), control vibrato, overcome tongue tension, control the soft palate and much more.

In this video, Stefan and Francisco have a chat about how Estill Voice Training can be helpful in both singing and teaching and how it offers a fresh perspective for all voice users.


Vocal Workshops in Faro

Introduction to Estill Voice Training / Introdução ao treino de voz Estill

This workshop on Saturday 7 October 2023 is suitable for all singers and speakers, singing teachers, choral directors and speech and language therapists.

Vocal Craft for Choral Singers / Arte Vocal para Coralistas

On Sunday 8 October 2o23, there will be an additional 3-hour Estill training session especially adapted for choral singers.

Our Venue

Our venue will be:

They will be delivered in English with support/translation in Portuguese. Both sessions are safe spaces for learning and experimentation with opportunities for individual coaching throughout.

Stefan Holmström is a professional opera singer and voice teacher working with speakers and singers of all ages and abilities with a wide range of goals. He offers online and in-person vocal coaching and workshops from his studio in central Brighton in the UK. As an Estill Master Trainer (EMT), Stefan uses Estill Voice Training (EVT) as a baseline for safe and sustainable voice use.


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