Vocal chameleons

From Parton to Presley to Pavarotti, this session explores the craft of adapting your vocal colour according to genre using Estill Voice Training.

Vocal Chameleons is a playful, interactive workshop that gives participants the tools to shift seamlessly from country & western to crooning to opera. It's a super fun challenge to move in and out of your vocal comfort zone and make sounds that might be completely new to you!


The session is 90 minutes.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have:


  • Gained awareness of vocal habits

  • Explored and trained the false vocal folds

  • Learned about posture and its relationship to voice

  • Identified the acoustic features of 3 different vocal set-ups (i.e. country & western, crooning and opera)

  • Obtained tools to move from one set-up to another

Vocal Chameleons copy.png