Vocal Coaching

Expert vocal training is offered for singers and speakers of all ages and abilities with
a wide range of goals. As a certified Estill Master Trainer, Stefan uses Estill Voice Training (EVT) as
a baseline for safe and sustainable voice use.
  • Expert feedback and input on your artistry in singing or speaking
  • Muscle training - Estill coaching to develop your voice or solve a specific vocal problem
  • Vocal prep for a performance, audition,  job interview, presentation, public speaking or recording
  • Pronunciation coaching in English, Swedish, French, Italian or German
  • Training for vocal recovery
Vocal coaching is offered in 30, 60 or 90 minute sessions. Online and in-person available. 
Stefan Holmstrom 2020 png.png

"Absolute saviour of my voice! About a year ago I damaged my vocal folds, gaining a bit of scarring. I was so worried and felt deflated I would never sing comfortably again. Stefan has helped me not only rejuvenate and strengthen my voice but I feel like I am singing better than ever! Couldn't be happier with his teaching, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

- Temisis Conway