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Mini Research Project

Please record the following speaking tasks.


The recording may either be a sound or video file. You can upload it below. You may use a smart phone, iPad, computer or whatever suits you.


*Please note that it may take a few moments for your file to upload.*


1. Count from 1-10 in Swedish.

2. Please say the following words:

  • Regn

  • Sjuksköterska

  • Regeringen

  • Kanelbullar


3. Please say the following sentences:

  • På affären köpte jag smör och bröd och så stötte jag på min kompis Göran.

  • Vilken underbar dag. Nu är det dags att släcka ljuset och sussa.

Upload Your Video
Upload Your Audio

2. Please answer these three questions using numbers from 1 to 10 to indicate your response.

Success! Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

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