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Vocal training for flute players

For more efficient playing and a healthier speaking voice

Flute players can improve their playing by learning how the voice works! 


As both a trained flute player and a trained singer, Stefan is well placed to give you an inspiring approach which uses science and physiology to improve breathing, tone quality and vocal health.

Above all, Stefan's studio is a safe, supportive, nonjudgmental space where your vocal journey is the focus. 

60 minute sessions are recommended, either online or in-person. New clients are welcome to book a free online 15-minute consultation.
Discounted student rate available - please book a free consultation for more information.
"Stefan is the best! He is a naturally warm and friendly person, which immediately puts you at ease. He is a highly experienced and knowledgeable teacher - he knows how and when to introduce the technical side to develop your voice safely and efficiently."

- Anne Whiteside, Flautist

Vocal anatomy

Understand how the larynx and vocal tract are used in flute playing.


Learn the difference between breathing for voice vs breathing for flute playing.

Improve tone quality

Work less hard in the larynx for a freer flute tone.

Transition between speaking and playing the flute

Maintain a healthy speaking voice through long days of practice and teaching.

Sing and play the flute

How to use the voice as an effect in flute playing.

Vocal recovery 

Change your habits so that flute playing and speaking always feel comfortable.

What are sessions like with Stefan?


Sessions are tailored to your own personal development goals, so the actual content of the sessions depends on you. 


These sessions are not about learning and developing the mechanics of flute playing but rather they focus on conscious control of vocal structures to make playing easier and more efficient. Flute players have taken inspiration from singers for a long time in teaching and playing. The advantage of a scientific approach is that players can learn exactly what aspects of singing are helpful for playing the flute and which aspects are not.

How Estill Voice Training can help you

Estill Voice Training (EVT) is a scientific, evidence-based system for vocal development. It is a life-changing approach that can help you become a stronger and more emotional performer by giving you effective tools to improve your craft.


Simple everyday sounds are used to identify structures in the larynx and in the vocal tract (throat, mouth and nose). These are then trained in detail to give conscious, predictable and reliable control of your voice. Knowing how to produce exactly the sound you want gives you freedom and also helps to ease anxiety around performing.

Many of the structures like the lips, tongue or velum, for example, also play an important part in flute playing. Conscious control with EVT offers a fresh angle on many problems that crop up in flute playing.

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Next steps
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Meet Stefan and find out how sessions could work for you. 

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Dive in and start working with Stefan online or in-person.

Browse Stefan's upcoming workshops, including Vocal Training for Flute.

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