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Tone Your Swedish is an innovative, comprehensive online course created by Stefan Holmström and Dr Anneli Beronius Haake. It is the first course in the world to integrate MRI videos in Swedish pronunciation training to promote a better understanding of how the vocal tract moves when Swedish phonemes are produced. 


This unique collaboration between a Swedish teacher and a vocal trainer and opera singer will give you a new perspective on Swedish pronunciation that you won't find in any other Swedish course.

Why Tone Your Swedish?


In Swedish, small changes in vowel sounds, consonant sounds, stress and intonation can change the meaning of a word, so there is a big risk for misunderstandings. In Tone Your Swedish, learners build fluency and confidence through anatomy, physiology, phonetics, grammar and music.


The course covers topics including:


  • 18 vowel sounds

  • 25 consonant sounds

  • Stress 

  • Intonation and Melody

  • Dialects 

  • Reductions and contractions

Are you ready to unlock your Swedish fluency with Tone Your Swedish? Nu kör vi!


Next steps
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