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Swedish pronunciation

Expert Swedish language coaching for speakers and singers

Stefan offers Swedish pronunciation training that is rooted in vocal anatomy and physiology. This approach will quickly help you to know exactly how to make all the specific Swedish sounds and how to master Swedish stress and intonation. Awareness of your pronunciation muscles teaches you how it feels to speak Swedish as well as what it sounds like.

One-to-one sessions with Stefan are ideal for:


  • Swedish learners (A2/B1 intermediate and up) who want to improve their Swedish pronunciation 

  • Actors, broadcasters and other professionals working in Sweden who want to communicate confidently and effectively in Swedish

  • Singers of classical, folk and CCM (contemporary commercial music) who want to sing in Swedish

60 minute online sessions are recommended. New clients are welcome to book a free online 15-minute consultation.
"Even though I’ve been learning Swedish for several years, one-to-one pronunciation sessions with Stefan have really been a game changer. Stefan is a great teacher who shares his expert knowledge in very practical ways. With Stefan’s help, I am now speaking Swedish more clearly and confidently."

- Scott Roedersheimer

Learn how to say all the Swedish vowel sounds

Get the long and short vowel sounds right for A, E, I, O, U, Y, Å, Ä, Ö. This is top of the list for being understood easily in Swedish.

Learn to place your Swedish consonant sounds

Master all Swedish consonants, consonant combinations and variations including the different R-sounds and SH, TJ, SJ by fine-tuning the coordination between lips, tongue, and hard & soft palate.

Stress and melody

Learn to emphasise the right part of a word and the right word(s) within a whole sentence. Work consciously on pitch accent and speaking with a bigger pitch range to master the characteristic Swedish language melody also known as the Swedish sing-song.

Diction and fluency

Put all your skills together, adapting your diction and tone to different contexts: studio, podcasts, acting, public speaking or singing with and without microphone.

What are sessions like with Stefan?


Sessions are tailored to your own personal development goals, so the actual content depends on you and your priorities. They may involve a vocal warm-up and muscle training before focusing on a specific issue such as vowels, consonants, stress and/or accent in preparation for general pronunciation in speech, a song in Swedish, a presentation, a pitch or a script for example.

Tone Your Swedish


In addition to one-to-one sessions, Stefan is proud to offer Tone Your Swedish, a comprehensive online Swedish pronunciation course that he has created in partnership with Dr Anneli Beronius Haake, a Swedish language teacher and founder of Swedish Made Easy.

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Meet Stefan and find out how sessions could work for you. 

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Dive in and start working with Stefan online or in-person.

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A comprehensive, self-paced online course

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