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Vocal training for choirs


Vocal training for choirs

Workshops to help choirs & vocal groups do what they do better 

As an Estill Master Trainer, Stefan uses Estill Voice Training (EVT) to quickly improve a choir's sound and dynamic control and for teaching all choir members to sing without straining the voice.

Stefan's choral workshops give singers practical tools that can be used immediately in both rehearsals and performances.

Enquire about a bespoke session that targets exactly what your choir needs. Workshops can be delivered online or in-person.

"My men's choir, The Papas, and I went to Brighton on a choir trip. We were a little nervous as we didn't know what to expect, but Stefan immediately put us at ease. He uses easily accessible language which means that everyone regardless of experience can get the most out of the workshop. I myself am a trained singing teacher, but I too left this workshop with MANY new ideas and exercises, as well as a renewed desire to sing myself and to work with my choirs. Back home again, I have used what Stefan taught us at every choir rehearsal. I would warmly recommend a workshop with Stefan!"

- Anna Brandt, Choir Leader

Vocal workshops for choirs

Bespoke vocal workshops with Stefan are a practical and fun way to upskill singers' knowledge and ability. Workshops can be tailored depending on each choir's specific needs. They're also great for team-building!


Workshops cover topics such as:

  • Vocal anatomy and physiology

  • Breathing, posture and tension release

  • How to produce clear tone without strain

  • Dynamic control

  • Tools to express yourself as you choose, not as dictated by habits

  • How to cope with nerves

  • How to keep your voice in good working order

How Estill Voice Training can help your choir

Estill Voice Training (EVT) is a scientific, evidence-based system for vocal development. It is a life-changing approach that can help singers become stronger and more emotional performers by giving them effective tools to improve their craft.

With EVT simple everyday sounds are used to identify structures in the larynx and in the vocal tract (throat, mouth and nose). These are then trained in detail to give conscious, predictable and reliable control of your voice. Knowing how to produce exactly a sound gives singers freedom and also helps to ease anxiety around performing.

EVT is perfect for vocal groups and choirs because it helps everyone:


  • learn how the voice actually works.

  • sing safely and sustainably without strain or scratchiness.

  • create an unbeatable blend

  • adapt their sound according to genre

How Estill Voice Training can help choir leaders

Stefan also offers musical directors, singing teachers and vocal coaches continuing professional development opportunities. This could involve a deeper understanding of vocal anatomy and physiology to create efficient warm-ups, training of specific structures to achieve a better blend or learning more about the voice in order to write singable choral arrangements. 

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