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Vocal training for speakers

Expert coaching for public speakers, voice-over actors and more

Whether you're looking for a little fine-tuning before a presentation, interview, filming or a podcast, longer-term skill-building or something in between, Stefan is here to help. 

He can also help with ongoing vocal recovery if you are experiencing strain or have already been diagnosed and worked with a certified speech and language therapist.

Above all, Stefan's studio is a safe, supportive, nonjudgmental space where your vocal journey is the focus. 

60 and 90 minute sessions are available, either online or in-person. New clients are welcome to book a free online 15-minute consultation.

Discounted student rate available - please book a free consultation for more information.

"Absolute saviour of my voice! About a year ago I damaged my vocal folds, gaining a bit of scarring. I was so worried and felt deflated I would never sing comfortably again. Stefan has helped me not only rejuvenate and strengthen my voice but I feel like I am singing better than ever! Couldn't be happier with his teaching, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

- Temisis Conway

Develop your vocal skills

Speak clearly without strain, even under pressure.

Solve a specific vocal problem

Address persistent issues and establish safe, sustainable habits.

Vary your tone

Engage audiences by varying your pitch, volume and colour.

Vocal coaching for performance

Prepare for a presentation, voice-over job, interview, filming or podcast.

Vocal recovery 

Keep your voice in good working order and change your habits so that speaking always feels comfortable.

What are sessions like with Stefan?


Sessions are tailored to your own personal development goals, so the actual content depends on you. They may involve a vocal warm-up, though you may choose to do this beforehand so that you and Stefan can dive straight into working on the issue at hand.

How Estill Voice Training can help you

Estill Voice Training (EVT) is a scientific, evidence-based system for vocal development. It is a life-changing approach that can help you become a stronger and more emotional speaker by giving you effective tools to improve your craft.

Working on the Estill figures offers immediate possibilities to dramatically change the sound of your voice. Whether you are a voice-over artist using extreme colours on close mic or a presenter projecting in an auditorium, the EVT figures for voice add to your artistry and provide practical solutions to many vocal issues.

Simple everyday sounds are used to identify structures in the larynx and in the vocal tract (throat, mouth and nose). These are then trained in detail to give conscious, predictable and reliable control of your voice. Knowing how to produce exactly the sound you want gives you freedom and also helps to ease anxiety around performing.

Next steps
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Meet Stefan and find out how sessions could work for you. 

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Dive in and start working with Stefan online or in-person.

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Browse Stefan's upcoming workshops, including Intro to Estill Voice Training.

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