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Claire Martin and Stefan Holmström

Jazz Essentials

with Claire Martin OBE and Stefan Holmström

Jazz Essentials workshops are relaxed, informal day-long vocal training sessions with expert coaching, feedback and practical advice on jazz singing, style and performance. The sessions are led by award-winning jazz singer Claire Martin OBE and voice teacher Stefan Holmström MFA, Estill Master Trainer.


The four Jazz Essentials workshops have been designed to help jazz singers develop their craft for confident performance. Spread out over a year, each workshop explores a different topic about voice and stagecraft. Mornings are all about vocal anatomy and physiology on a theme and afternoons involve a specific singing task for the active participants. Vocal health tips, performance advice and insider stories all form part of the package.


The workshops can be done individually or all together as a progression. You can jump in at any point - there are no prerequisites to attend any of the sessions.

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Vocal Foundations of Jazz

Learn how your voice works with an introduction to Estill Voice Training for jazz singers. Improve your microphone technique and ad lib skills.

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The Sounds and Colours of Jazz: Breathy Tone to Belt

Learn how to build the intensity of a song from breathy tone to safe belting. You'll also learn advanced microphone technique.

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Improv and Phrasing in Jazz

An introduction to scat and how to shape your music organically with style. Learn how to coordinate your mind, body and voice in improvisation.

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Performance and Placing Your Jazz Voice

How to vary your tone moving from crooning to forward placing as you build a mini-set of two contrasting jazz standards.

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