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Preparing for exams

With over 10 years' experience, Stefan has an excellent track record in supporting singers in exams for ABRSM, LCM, Trinity Guildhall and GCSE & A-level recitals.

Stefan offers tailored vocal and aural training, coaching on performance and interpretation and sight reading.


Stefan understands that the key to a good outcome is in the preparation and he is skilled in taking people through the necessary steps to achieve their goals.


         Stefan started giving my son, Con, voice lessons at the beginning of his A2 year. Con's performance grade from his year 12 studies was a grade B. His music teacher suggested that this could be improved and so recommended a re-sit. Stefan worked with Con on both his re-sit and his year 13 performance, which resulted in two A* grades. My husband and I noticed a dramatic improvement in Con's technique and the quality of his singing. Stefan gave advice on the choice of song and maintained contact with me throughout. I would not hesitate to recommend Stefan. My son enjoyed working with him and most certainly acknowledges the input that Stefan had to his final grades.

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