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"About a year ago I damaged my vocal folds, gaining a bit of scarring. I was so worried and felt deflated I would never sing comfortably again. Stefan has helped me not only to rejuvenate and strengthen my voice but I feel like I am singing better than ever! Couldn't be happier with his teaching. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"


- Temisis Conway

Alice Wheatley.JPG

Alice Wheatley

"My lessons with Stefan have been incredibly helpful in improving my vocal technique. This has helped me achieve the best possible grade in singing exams for my music a level, and I now feel much more confident when I sing!"

Nick Boston.JPG

Nick Boston

"I have learned a lot from Stefan about voice production and how to improve the sound I make, and have also gained confidence in my singing. Preparing for an ABRSM Grade 8 exam gave great focus to my lessons and enabled me to sing new repertoire. Without Stefan's guidance, I am sure I would never have achieved a Distinction."

Peter Townsend_edited.jpg

Peter Townsend

"I am atypical as I started singing at 77, but Stefan has helped me to achieve an immense improvement. He is encouraging, very clear in explaining how to control the voice, and effective at motivation. I am very happy with the ongoing changes in my more controlled, fuller and deeper singing voice."

Alexandra King headshot.jpeg

Alex King

"I started lessons  because I wanted to improve my singing for an EP I was recording. Stefan is extremely knowledgeable and I noticed improvements after just the first session. It’s been great to learn new techniques and understand better how my voice works."

Andre for wensite.jpeg

Andre Pienaar

"Stefan has a strong background as a serious classical musician, however, this does not impede his ability to teach in other genres. Choosing a singing teacher is a very personal thing and it took me ages to find the right person. Now that I have I am happy to recommend Stefan to anyone interested in improving their singing ability from beginner to professional."

DSC_0245 (3)_edited.jpg

Phoebe Fitzgerald

"Stefan has helped me grow and develop as a person and encouraged my interest in musical theatre. We focused on building a repertoire of songs and audition technique. This contributed to my acceptance on the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Musical and Dance musical theatre foundation course, as well as my place on a degree course at London College of Music."

Sally for blog.jpeg

Sally Wilson

"Stefan is a very knowledgeable and experienced singer and teacher. He has a great handle on all things technical and fully understands the components that need to be in place for healthy, free and enjoyable singing.  He has a warm, kind and patient personality that work together to help students feel relaxed and confident enough to experiment and discover ways to improve their vocal technique and discover their true voice and potential."


Richard Evans

"Singing lessons are helping me get to the best possible sound more quickly, even when the music is new. I also find working on solo songs is fun and really important for building confidence, so that even if I’m the only bass turning up on a Sunday morning for my church choir or have to take on a solo quartet it doesn’t bother me at all. The Estill work has given me more colours to play with and I know now what to do if I want to project or if I need to sing very quietly."

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