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Tools for speakers

If you’ve ever had to take time off because your voice felt tired, are worried about your vocal health or want to project without strain, then this 6-part workshop is for you!


Whether you’re a teacher, actor, vicar or just someone who would like to learn more about how their voice works and train it to be more efficient, these progressive sessions build from week to week to give you a practical toolbox of techniques you can use in your daily life.


Each session lasts 60 minutes.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have:


  • Gained awareness of vocal habits

  • Explored and trained the false vocal folds

  • Obtained an anatomical overview of the voice

  • Learned about posture and its relationship to voice

  • Learned how to improve posture

  • Discovered techniques for less effortful voice production

  • Explored how to project the voice without strain

  • Learn how to connect the body with your voice to reduce strain


Session 1: The Secret Laugh

Exploring and training your false vocal folds, you'll discover how you can begin learning to speak without strain.


Session 2: Flexible Breath

Find out how little breath you actually need to make a sound (spoiler: less than you think!)


Sessions 3: Whispers & Screams

Start consciously connecting your body with your voice and make some very soft and some very loud sounds.


Session 4: The Magical Lift

Through comedy voices and lots of giggles, learn more about the larynx and how it operates like a lift that can move up and down.


Session 5: Twang - a super resonance!

Discover twang, a fabulous tool for projection, and find that frequency that could cut through an orchestra of 100 players - or a rowdy classroom!


Session 6: The Estill Toolbox

Put all the tools from previous sessions together in a playful vocal workout.

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