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Estill Voice Training (EVT) is a life-changing approach that can help you become a stronger and more emotional performer by giving you the tools to improve your craft. 

Opera singer, voice teacher and Estill Master Trainer (EMT) Stefan Holmström offers interactive Estill workshops that give people the opportunity to focus on one vocal structure or voice quality at a time. These groups are safe spaces to explore, experiment and have fun while learning - it’s not about being perfect!

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What is Estill Voice Training?

The Estill Model is a way to explain how the voice functions. In the model, the voice is divided into power, source and filter. Through Estill Voice Training, individual structures of the voice (e.g. the true vocal folds or the tongue) are trained in isolation. This means that the control you gain applies to the artistry of any genre.


Some examples of Estill Voice Training structures include:

  • False Vocal Folds: learning to control these will help you with clear tone. It will also take out strain and make your voice use safe.

  • True Vocal Folds: controls dynamics, colours - and breath! 

  • Tongue: a big, strong muscle that is essential for clear diction, but also gets involved in voice production and causes problems.

  • Velum: also known as the soft palate, it's an amazing magic muscle for singing, but can be hard to feel! Through Estill Voice Training, you can become aware of it and see for yourself how it transforms your sound.


Some Estill Voice Training voice qualities include:

  • Speech: for pop, folk, jazz and musical theatre.

  • Sob: for crooners and classical singing. Learn how to sing high and soft.

  • Belt: very exciting and very loud! Used in pop, gospel, musical theatre, and on the stage. Learn to do it safely with Estill Voice Training.


Why Estill Voice Training?

Understanding the different structures of your voice and learning to control them will give you amazing opportunities to develop your artistry. As a singer or speaker, it is really easy to get stuck in one vocal colour, but why not learn to create a rainbow instead? Estill Voice Training gives you the tools to achieve true performance magic!

Whether you are a professional singer who needs to come up with voice on demand or someone who just enjoys singing or speaking and wants to do it more confidently and efficiently, learning to master the Estill figures can very quickly take you to the next level. 

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Estill workshops with Stefan are fun, supportive and playful. The sessions are perfect for those who have completed an Estill Level 1 or 2 course and want to practice the Estill figures, but equally welcome anyone who would like to learn more about improving their voice with Estill Voice Training.

The workshops are delivered online via Zoom and typically last from 90 minutes to 2 hours. 

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