Singing lessons

Expert ongoing vocal training is offered for singers of all ages and abilities with a wide range of goals. 
  • Vocal skills - build your singing technique gradually with specialist guidance; understand how your voice works, establish safe and sustainable habits
  • Musicianship - learn to phrase and shape your music to tell an emotional story, hone your skills in sight reading, aurals and music theory
  • Performance skills - use your craft to communicate with an audience, learn drama skills for musical theatre and gain the confidence to be yourself under pressure
Voice lessons are offered in 30, 60 or 90 minute
sessions. Online and in-person available.
"Stefan’s singing training and extreme patience has given me the confidence to sing as part of a rock band in front of over 100 people - something I never thought possible. Stefan’s one to one classes are a safe space, where he encourages me to explore and create sound I never thought possible, pushing the boundaries to new limits. These sessions are a sheer joy and I leave them feeling on top of the world."

- Richard Salmon