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Vocal health recovery

Just because you've had vocal nodules or Muscle Tension Dysphonia (MTD) doesn't mean you can never sing again. Using Estill Voice Training, Stefan can help you to change your habits so that singing always feels comfortable.


If you have already been treated by a speech and language therapist, Stefan can address tension issues, teach you to monitor your effort levels and assist your recovery into singing.


Are you worried about your voice?


If you are experiencing hoarseness, discomfort, pain and/or loss of range when singing or speaking, don't suffer it alone!


It's a great idea to get yourself checked out at an NHS multidisciplinary voice clinic, which can be found across the UK

The voice clinic in Brighton, which accepts referrals from your GP and also self-referrals, treats all aspects of voice disorders. You can contact this clinic on 01273 696 955 Ext: 4812.