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Giving a Presentation

Vocal training for business

Expert voice training and development

With over 20 years of experience as a professional opera singer, voice coach and Estill Master Trainer, Stefan helps people become more confident and efficient speakers. 

Whether you are looking for a one-off training session or longer-term development, Stefan is here to help with practical tools that can be used immediately.

60 or 90 minute one-to-one sessions are recommended, either online or in-person. New clients are welcome to book a free online 15-minute consultation.

For a great introduction to voice training for speakers, please check out Train Your Voice and Speak with Confidence. This an online 3 hour workshop which covers the basics of projection, breathing, tension release and how to vary your tone.
"I'm an uplifting and cheerful person, but my voice was just not reflecting that with clients. Stefan showed me why my voice sounded croaky and tired and how to talk like the real me. I can talk more like I feel now and know how to vary my tone when I catch myself sounding tense. Thank you Stefan."

- Shula Rich, Leasehold Consultant

Represent yourself the way you want to

Bring out a vocal personality that's consistent with your brand.

Engage audiences and adapt your sound

Vary your tone and choose how you speak depending on the medium.

Speak easily and freely

Don't let habits dictate how you express yourself.

Speak sustainably without strain

Keep your voice in good working order through demanding meetings and presentations.

Overcome nerves

Speak confidently in public with a clear, efficient sound.

How Estill Voice Training can help you

Estill Voice Training (EVT) is a scientific, evidence-based system for vocal development. Simple everyday sounds are used to identify structures in the larynx and in the vocal tract (throat, mouth and nose). These are then trained in detail to give conscious, predictable and reliable control of your voice in both speaking and singing. Knowing the craft of your voice builds confidence and reduces anxiety around public speaking.

Next steps
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Meet Stefan and discuss how training could work for your organisation.

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Dive in and start working with Stefan online or in-person.

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Browse Stefan's upcoming workshops, including Intro to Estill Voice Training.

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